Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Old blokes

My site is touchingly full of them.
Yesterday one of them, M., came over and said hi. "It's growing, it's growing" he exclaimed, waving his hands at the potatoes, onions etc, which I admit do look lush and potent at the moment. "Sure it is," I replied, hoping he would not notice all the bindweed coming out of the paths. "OH at first we were a bit worried about you (they were? why?) but I'm not worried anymore".
I can imagine conspiring whispers about this crazy woman covering the plot in cardboard and straw and growing weird shit like parsnips and gooseberries. But I believe in the 3rd year theory, with the 3rd year being a turning point, with less weeds, more experience and a sudden increase in successful harvests.
I love these old blokes, who are so certain they have it all down pat but in the end they concede that someone doing it differently can still produce a good spud. Shame that I rarely have tome to go and have a glass of cheap rosé with them.


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