Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Harvesting in the heat

A quick trip to water this morning, considering that we are again in a very hot period. I am a little concerned about the potatoes which are losing their vegetation at an alarming rate. I will see if I can figure out the cause or if it is the normal dying off process. It seems a little early to me.
I noticed that some of the gooseberries are dropping off the bushes! So they are definitely ripe now! I scooped them off the ground, making a mental note to go back as quickly as possible to pick the others. I seem to have only red gooseberries, which is a bit of a shame. I also got a small punnet of ripe raspberries, the first green beans, very slim and tender, and about 8 small courgettes! Especially the yellow Parador which are such a terrific variety. I can't get enough of them!
My mulching and watering on Saturday, plus the considerable downpour we had on Sunday seems to have helped it all no end. The squash have doubled in size, the beans are in full flower and the corn and melon, which were slow, has sprung up even. The peppers and aubergines have also had a fine growth spurt, with the peppers getting their flowers and fruit buds. The tomatoes have also filled out alarmingly and they are starting to be abundantly flowered.
The onions are all flopping over, so the harvest of those is not too far off now. Means I need to go and get a few bags of stable waste from the pony club, they have some that is really well rotted in their huge pile, I want to take out the onions and immediately put down a thick layer of that as a mulch and to prepare the ground, which will be next year's potato patch. Yes, the season is just starting and you must already plan ahead!!
There were several bees down there this morning, a wonderful thing to see.

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Wow.. your making me jealous.The late frost we had has slowed everything down. My squash have no flowers yet,peas/beans are still not ready and my onions are still small, more like spring onions.. I think everything on my plot is about 3/4 weeks behind this year. Its been a strange olé year so far. I'm usually harvesting my pea glut by now
My peas are over! I had 3 meals out of them, pretty pathetic really! But I only sowed a modest patch so I can't complain. I think temperatures here on average must be higher, but we did have a very chilly month of May. I feel as if the crops want to put out more vegetation this year than fruit??? The raspberries for example seem to be making less fruit but the berries are bigger!!! Ah nature is so unpredictable!
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