Tuesday, June 01, 2010


First potatoes for 2010

I dug up the first potatoes yesterday, I got about a kilo from a couple of plants. They are beauties! Large, well shaped with fine skins and a wonderful taste. They were Agata variety and planted end of February. I can almost not wait to try some of the Ratte variety I planted in March but I am being a bit hasty methinks. (I think I am even boastful enough to say that I had spuds from my organic veg box, yes yes I still get one of those! and mine are nicer! theirs had bitter skins which I had to take off. But mine had almost transparent skins that melted in your mouth.) nom nom nom nom.....
Also got about 250g of small and medium strawberries, with a terrific flavour, very sweet and also juicy after the last days of rain. And today for lunch I will be eating my first lettuce! (cut and come again, green) with a handful of rocket and landcress. So proud...sniff sniff sniff...

UPDATE - Looked and saw that those spuds were planted on February 22. So they have had 98 growing days. Spot on.

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It will be a while before my potatoes are ready.[They were planted in March] And I'm so jealous your getting strawberries already,mine have only just started to show teeny green fruits.
Whereabouts are you? I guess I am in warmer climes here!
I planted these spuds on Feb 22 (helps to keep a blog! I now see all the harvest durations! Helps to see in the next year when something might be ready!). They were Agata variety and I am very pleased with them. They are firm but not too waxy, very nice steamed or boiled with a pleasant texture. The skins are fine and can be eaten no problems!
Last year I had strawberries in late April or early May! I am late. These are varieties though that will keep fruiting throughout summer, maybe that makes a difference. They are Cijosee and Rabunda varieties. Some are new stock, some are older.
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