Thursday, June 10, 2010



Just to keep a little record of the meteorological conditions, today and yesterday we had some really good downpours. This is an excellent time for it, as it will establish all the new plants, like the squashes and tomatoes, and will give a terrific growth spurt to the potatoes and onions which are in their formative stages now. I am hoping that, as the weather has already been wet, the soil will be well disposed to soak in more rain, as when it suddenly pours after a dry spell, the ground is hard and runoff is often high.
Looking at last year's posts, I see that things are late this year - I was already into several harvests of peas and artichokes, but this year it is only just starting (There were 2 artichokes finally showing this week). However Nature is trying its best to catch up on the extreme cold of late winter and early spring. I noticed that the courgettes were starting their first flowers, and that the raspberries seem to be fruiting already, even though they are not as high as last year (they did get well cut down in winter though, maybe that did them some good). Last year I also got some lettuce from the garden, apparently, perhaps this is the only period when it grows successfully? I am going to try late varieties this year and see how I get on.

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