Monday, May 17, 2010


Still working hard

I put in another few hours on Saturday. I must say that it's looking OK. There are strawberries starting to grow, the onions, garlic etc look great, as do the spuds which have luxurious foliage.
I weeded, watered, keeping it all tidy, transplanted a few lettuce from the cold frame, and planted out Brussel sprouts, a few red cabbage and broccoli that I grew from seed in the cold frame as well as the first courgette plants and some pumpkins.
The cold frames have turned out to be a terrific success, now I see how to work them, I will use them more and more in the coming seasons.
I also transplanted spinach, that I started in the coldframe, as the ones I direct sowed seem useless. The others will go in later this week, and I hope to plant out the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers which for now are discouragingly small. I hope that by planting them out, they will take off... I try to be optimistic!
I sowed some more sweetcorn into the cold frame, so far it has been hopeless, I have almost no viable seedlings. Last ditch attempt, perhaps it has been too cold this year?
I will try to do some pics soon, to show how it's shaping up...

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It's been a slow start this year weather-wise
It's not to late to sow sweetcorn, now its warming up a little they should catch up..
Stumbled across you while looking for allotment sites, I have enjoyed reading some of your archives and look forward to reading your progress this year :0)
Yeah I don't quite know what is going on this year. Some things like the brassicas have taken off really well, but the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers that I sowed indoors are much smaller than usual. I will plant them out this weekend and see what happens.
I am thinking of trying to sow sweetcorn directly in place, maybe cloched, and see if I can get them to grow regardless. It is a nice crop to have.
Thanks for following the blog! I am going to try and take some pics this weekend, as the plot is not looking too bad at the moment.
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