Monday, May 03, 2010


Spuds - what we don't see

This interested me. I pulled up what is called a "volunteer" which means a spud that has grown from a forgotten potato from last season (errr actually there is a whole ROW growing for me at the moment, I think I should revise my harvesting technique!!).
And I took a picture of it, as many people have never seen how a potato actually grows lots of other potatoes!

You can see the "mother" spuddy - it will eventually rot and dissolve into the ground once its job is done. It throws out a central stem which will be the leafy part that appears above ground, and from that there are side shoots, which produce new tubers. Which is why it's good for the potato to be buried deeply and to keep putting earth around it, as that produces more potatoes.
Another example of the wonders of nature ;-)

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