Thursday, May 20, 2010


New seed order

After reflecting on what I should do to keep more crops going all year round (as someone said on a web forum "That is taking growing to a whole new level"), I made a new order of seeds this morning, this time from DT Browns seeds. My idea is that I have too few things for winter and early spring, but if I sow some of these now, I will have a chance at getting some interesting new crops for the dfficult winter/spring season.
Among others, I ordered a late cropping beetroot, some spring cauliflower (OK I am glutton for punishment, the early caulies didn't work out, so I will try this strategy. Plenty of room in the cold frame for a seedbed now...), Pak Choi (first go at that), Purple Kale, some winter hardy White Lisbon spring onions, (which are supposed to give me onions early spring if I sow in summer??) and some spring cabbage also.
In the order was also a packet of artichoke seeds. I really want to grow another artichoke plant, although I haven't yet decided whereabouts I could put it, so I figure if I get the little plants going now, I can put them in their final spots later on, when other things move out of the way. I currently have one beautiful artichoke bush but it is getting old and maybe next year it won't give me a great result, best to foresee some new plantings.

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Hello, I'm an Aussie living in Austria :)Do you normally buy your seeds from DT Browns Seeds?
I'm just curious, as I haven't bought from them before. I buy most things from Austrian garden centres, but when I'm looking for something special, I also order from the UK. I use The Organic Gardening Catalogue most times.
BTW I like your blog, found it a few weeks ago. How's the weather in France? The last week has been COLD here!
Hi Sarah,
No I haven't ordered from DT Browns, actually I hope the order goes through as they do the foreign orders by hand methinks. I have ordered from Alan Romans before, they are quite good, they sell cheap beans and peas. Some seeds etc are really expensive to buy in France, it's cheaper for me to get them from the UK. It's now sunny here, even quite hot yesterday and today, I rushed down to water the allotment before work today as it has been so dry. Nice to hear from you!
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