Monday, April 26, 2010


Success in the garden, less indoors

Despite a very dry period that has sent me down there watering frequently, everything is going very well on the lottie. I think in fact the frequent watering has made me succeed better with the seeds than in previous years, obviously something I was not doing properly last time. The carrots are actually growing!!!! yay! And so are the radishes! In a few days I will actually be able to eat my own radish, something that has usually always failed.
Spring onions - tried two different things, growing in pots then pricking out and direct sowing. Well this year, both methods seem to be working! :-S how bizarre, I have never succeeded them before.
Potatoes - all are coming up very well. great. I will be eating those Ratte potatoes before I know it.
Now will come the hard work, digging the ground for the melons, Three Sisters and tomatoes. I am also hoping for rain as it is pretty dry out there...

Now, indoors, many things are working well, except the peppers and aubergines! They are looking yellowing and sickly! Tonight I will repot them into new pots, with new home made potting mix and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise, the tomatoes, corn and squashes are going great guns.

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