Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Spuds are in!

I finally finished putting in the potatoes on Sunday morning. I had just enough space! Although I think that probably they are a bit too close together. Oh well I will just have to feed them well and mulch them so no spuds grow through the soil. The very first ones I planted back at the end of February are just peeking through, so I shall soon be earthing them up.
I sowed some more carrots (Flyaway variety), after having dug up some couch grass that is really being a nuisance along the top path. I got some of it up, I will have to persist with that over the next week or so. I surrounded the carrots with a few spare onions, since they say to do that, and I can't bear wasting even a dozen onions.
I noticed that there is quite a big space between my garlic and the onions, I obviously didn't mark them out right. So I have sowed a few spare white spring onion seeds I had left (they never seem to take! But I am eternally hopeful). There will be room there for a few lettuce probably as time goes on, so I shall leave it empty I think.
That was all I really had time for. It was still quite cold, but many things are taking off, like the artichoke and the rhubarb which are looking splendid, I think the cold winter did them a world of good.
My next challenge is to dig over and black-plastic the future courgette bed, that will be less work in May then, and to prepare the small melon bed that I am trying. I will get some fleece and try and grow some melons under a bit of cover, as I still have all that cow manure, seems a shame to not to try some greedier plants this season. I also have to get the "real" cold frame up and built so I can move all the tenders into it soon, to avoid cluttering up the house.

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