Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Seedlings - still going

I am still going on with the pricking out. Today I transferred about 20 tomato plants - there are still a fair few to do. Ideally I want to plant out about 5 rows of 6 plants, so I need about 30 plants. As I have about 6 varieties (Marmande beefsteak, Totem, Moneymaker, Pannovy and Harzfeuer salads, gardener's delight cocktail tomatoes and large yellow beefsteaks), there should be a few of each and the spares I give to friends.
The corn has come up, now just have to make sure the household feline doesn't snack on it, and I am still waiting for the courgettes and melons to come up. At the end of the week, I will start sowing the pumpkins, last home strait!!

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Ooh, I didn't know France had allotments! Sounds like you're doing well. That's a lot of tomato plants - wish I had that kind of space!

Here's to a successful season :)
Well, here they are called "jardins d'ouvriers" (workers' gardens) or "jardins familiaux" (family gardens). Ours are a private association but we are supported by the council who lease us the land. There are about 140 gardens in our town, and an extension is likely with a few more dozen on our plot. I do have a lot of tomatoes, but there's no saying they will all get planted!! :-) I usually use about 7 or 8 square metres for the tomatoes, I just love them. My plot is 100sq m but I have at least 6 of that taken up with fruit bushes, herbs and the compost bin, which are permanent features. The rest is rotated over 5 beds, between 10 and 15 sq m each.
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