Thursday, April 29, 2010


Rain at last!

Just when I was scraping the bottom of the water barrels it has finally rained. Phew. the lettuces are just starting to take so this will be a blessing for them.
Last night I was off work early so I went down with Smallest One and we pottered. Yeah, for an hour and a half! I hadn't seen the time go by! we were all running round like chooks with their heads off after that. Still, it was a very productive time - I earthed up the potatoes, harvested our first radishes (small but tasty, I will pick others after the rain), Then went around with the hand trowel and had a good attack at the bindweed which has come up just this last week and is already rip-roaring through the place. I have found this is as good a method as any to get it out. I have a bucket beside me and I just dig down with the trowel then pull out as much of the root as I can. It will come back but this will hinder it at least. I did that through the potatoes, down the sides, through the strawberries (where I got visiously stabbed with a gooseberry spine from a dead branch on the ground) and through the herbs and flowers. They are looking really nice just now. My little flower "wild" bed has a rose bush, a lavender bush, daffodils, honeywort, Californian poppies, a lemon balm (which I am trying to tame), and later usually pop up cornflowers, marigolds and various self seeded things :-)
So small periods of time well spent can be more productive than whole days slogging in the mud!

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