Friday, April 16, 2010


Pricking out

What a rude word...
Anyway I spent ages last night doing this, transferring all the aubergine and pepper seedlings from trays into bigger modules, so they can grow bigger. Haven't done the tomatoes yet and I think I might need to go get some of my home made compost to do the job! It will be a big one, I have dozens of seedlings, many of which I give away (I usually plant about 30 tomatoes in season).
I also started the sowing of the tender plants:
Just got to do the pumpkins now, but as they are so invasive so quickly, I will do them next week methinks.

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..methinks I agree with you, I too keep putting the pumpkins off!
Hi AG,

I have new plot at last, after nearly 3 years, and "Dig for Victory" lives again!

Nice to hear Greenmantle, I will pop along for a look!
I finally sowed the pumpkins this week, in fact I had a lot of them!
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