Monday, March 08, 2010


Still too cold

Amazingly, we are into March and the weather is still too cold to do anything profitable down the allotment. It's still only about 5 or 6 degC. The weekend was sunny but the wind was freezing and gusty, it's impossible to work in those conditions, so I let it slide. I have 20 strawberry plants, a lavender bush, loads of spuds and onions waiting to go into ground, hopefully next weekend, it will be warmer and I will be able to get stuck in and get all those planted. As I plant the spuds deep, I never have any problems with frost. By the time the vegetation is well up, the weather is more clement.
I realised that I also have some broad bean seeds left. Now i said I would not grow broad beans again as they just encourage aphids but on the other hand I am loathe to throw out the seeds! So I guess I will chuck them in anyway, next to the peas, which also need sowing! This year I am going to net or polytunnel the peas to protect them, I have a sneaking feeling that birds love to eat the young sprouts.

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