Monday, March 29, 2010


Spring is indecisive

After a promising start last week, the weekend turned out to be cold and blustery. After downpours Friday and Saturday, it was OK-ish on Sunday so I trotted off to do some planting. Very sore legs today attest to me planting the rest of all the onion sets (I just saved a handful for planting next to the carrots) and the Ratte potatoes. The spud patch is a bit of a worry, as the end is drawing close at hand but i still have another bag of spuds to plant! I guess I can spare a little space here and there for another row of spuds, but it will be a close call. There is enough room next to the onions to put in some spring onions, which I am trying to get going from seed, and I guess a bit of lettuce or landcress.
As I was feeling industrious, I also did a bit of tidying up and especially weeded out the herb bed which really needed it. It already had dock and mugwort, and bloody parsley - honestly so many people say they can't get it to grow but let it self-seed and it's all over the shop! I cut the lemon balm right back this year as it just gets carried away, even though it smells nice and attracts insects (otherwise it would be right out). Now the herb bed has thyme in two places, lots of parsley, mint starting, tarragon and sage and the lemon verbena. Hmm I said I would put in a common verbena, I have forgotten that it seems.
The strawberries that were put in pots on the whole seem to be doing OK, they are starting to get new leaves, and the new bed has taken off too it seems.
The garlic continues to grow and the onions planted 2 weeks ago are sprouting, so good news on that front.
Still so much left to do!

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