Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Indoor sowing

And on the windowsill, more continues.
There are now several pepper and aubergine plants growing, and the leeks are doing well.
There was a minor disaster - my little girl knocked over the cabbage tray. I was beside myself but I managed to tangle out the seedlings and prick them out into a new tray where funnily enough they seem to be doing well! I must sow some more cauli though, only 3 survived that misadventure. The red cabbage and broccoli are doing quite well though.
I sowed the first lot of tomatoes - I will do some more, as I have plenty of seeds and I like to give them away to friends, also we will be having a swop at our lot soon so that could be good things to swop.
I sowed several of:
I still have plenty of Money Maker, Gardener's delight, Tigerella and Marmande seeds so I will sow some more of those, although I find they keep from year to year no problem.

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