Tuesday, March 02, 2010


30 years of gardening

That is what my allotment site will celebrate on may 29, 30 years of our gardeners' association. So I will no doubt be serving chips and coke on that day and trying to swop some of my plants for some one else's as we have a plant swop organised.
On Saturday when I went to the meeting for that, I had a peep at teh lot and behold, my little cold frame had been pilfered! The showerscreen that I had carefully hoarded for it had been pinched, leaving my seeds open to the elements. I was pretty pissed off. especially as I had to try and cover it all up with some plastic in the wind and drizzle. The plastic will probably have blown away next time I go down :(
Still, in better news, the windowsill is doing well, with the leeks, brassicas, aubergines and peppers all sprouting. Tomatoes this weekend!
UPDATE - I actually found the showerscreen, it had been blown away by the wind !! SO now it is better harnessed down.

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