Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Spuds and onions 2010

It seems that I forgot to mention my trip to the garden centre!
I trotted along there on Saturday morning and yes they had put out the onions and potatoes. Cool! I found the onions to be quite expensive! I was sure they were cheaper last year...
Anyway, I chose:
500g of the Jaune Vertus des Pailles onions, which are a light brown, slightly flat variety but which gave a good harvest last year, so I am sticking to them.

250g of ordinary brown Stuttgarter onions,

250g of red onions, Red Baron,

250g of Jelomor cuisse de poulet echalotes, which were quite pricey (even though they are very tasty and keep quite well)! I would like more echalotes so I shall have to try another place, they didn't have any others!

Then I got a bag of Agata which I have never tried before - they are described as being "early, similar to the Bintje with a good yield and good culinary qualities, medium disease resistance". Sounds Ok.

A bag of Mona Lisa: again, firm flesh, good yield, mid-season, average storage, medium disease resistance."

And a moment of weakness on my part, a bag of Ratte potatoes. These are famous in France and rather like the Pink Fir Apples they grow in the UK, they are a long slender spud with delicious firm flesh. The type you really want to just boil until tender then eat on their own with butter and lashings of salt and pepper. Cor. 7 euros a bag mind you, I guess there are about 30 plants in there, but here in the season, you easily pay 4 euros a kilo, so hopefully it is not a bad investment.

I decided that it wasn't worth going for a real winter spud, they are so plentiful and cheap that it seems a waste. But a delicious salad potato, ah now that is worth having.
The whole lot cost me 30 euros. Considering that I am still eating last summer's onions and echalotes and have just finished the spuds, I consider it not be such a bad investment...

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