Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sow sow sow your boat

Ok I plagiarised that, I admit it. But as it is still so bloody cold here, there's not much else to be done. SO I pulled out the potting mix and started off this season's seeds. I sowed:
- 10 Aubergines, Black Beauty variety from Alan Romans, and another variety I got from lidl whose name escapes me.
- 10 sweet peppers, Canapé and Robertina varieties. The Canape is only a semi-sweet variety so I am trying Robertina too which is a true red pepper. But I hate wasting seeds, as I am not short of room!
- A tray full of De Carentan leeks, this year they grew but the leeks have remained small, due to the cold I think. Still, they are cheap to produce and even when small they are tasty. I like the way they stop the garden looking completely empty in the winter!
- 6 Cauliflowers, All Year Round variety
- 6 red cabbage - ok not quite the season, it's true but I wanted to see if I couldn't get them growing until early summer, so I can make salad from them.
- 6 broccoli - again a bit early but I will grow them under protection and plant them out in April so maybe I will get broccoli before it gets too hot.
I still have herbs to sow too (sage, marjoram, oregano, and basil for the window sill, I can't get it to grow outdoors...), and I want to start the tomatoes. I had an idea, as I want to do a garage sale this year, I thought that I would sow some extra plants, even maybe some lettuce in the cold frame later on, and I could sell them off at the garage sale. 50c a tomato plant, or a small tray of lettuce, or a pot of herbs, something like that. For a seed packet that costs less than a quid, it's a good way to make a few bucks, maybe at least enough to pay for a post-garage sale beer :-)

***POST SCRIPTUM*** Today is the 24 Feb and I am finally seeing some movement from the brassicas and leeks, nothing yet in the peppers and aubergines, which I have moved to a sunnier position. SO the 7-14 days germination was spot on.

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