Thursday, February 11, 2010


Seeds! ordered...

Right, that is my seeds ordered for the year! Again, I got them from Alan Romans. And this year I have made a sheet to tell me about the sowing times etc as it is not printed on the packets (part of why they are so economical, only 50 or 80p a packet! My whole order cost me £16 or €18, bargain! Here, just a packet of bean seeds is about 3 or 4 euros so I am definitely ahead.
Here is what I decided on:

Now just need a trip to the Garden centre for spuds and onion sets. Bugger those "Fontana" late potatoes, they were hopeless. This year I will go for fancies, Rattes and belle de fontenay and red varieties. And lots of onions! Still using last year's crop! Shallots, red onions, yellow onions! Delicious!

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