Thursday, February 18, 2010


I couldn't help myself

I went to Lidl.
Guess what?
They had their seeds out. And had just put them out, by all accounts.
SO I had a rummage through even though I have already bought all my seeds from Alan Romans and still have a seed box full of various things. But when I see the 29 cent price tag, it is just irresistible.
I thought I was quite moderate though. I bought a packet of carnation seeds (Oh I just love that flower and thought I would have a go at growing them this year. where??? Oh dammit I will find a little corner somewhere...).
I bought beans, green Saxa and yellow Kingwax. Their beans always work well for me and are quite tasty and have good yields.
I bought tomatoes: Moneymaker and Marmande. This springs from my idea to make garage sale plants to make a few quid and Moneymaker tomatoes, for 80 seeds, seemed an excellent idea for this. I have not managed to make a Marmande tomato grow in previous years, maybe this year I will strike it lucky. Last year all my tomato plants got mixed up but i swear that this year I will solemnly sort and label them. Scout's honour.
And that was it. I felt full of self-restraint and economy!!

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