Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi ho, Hi ho...

It's off to plant onions we go.
Crap, that doesn't really rhyme, does it?

Well anyway, that is what I did on Sunday. In a fit of gardening zeal, I went out and planted 250 g of echalotes (which made 2 and a half rows, not really enough, I will have to search out some more of another variety) and 250 of Stuttgarter onions (that made 4 rows, for 1.50 euros, quite a bargain...if they grow). And I was pleased to note that one of the garlic heads is just poking some green through the soil. Phew, I was getting a little worried as they have been in the ground for some weeks. I think the cold had just blocked them.
And I could not resist taking 12 of the early spuds (Agata variety) and planting them too, surrounded by lots of manure to keep them snug. They have predicted better weather this week, warming up by 10 degrees or so which I think will be a big help in starting things off in the allotment.
I also noticed that something seems to be making forays into the compost bin, there was an eggshell strewn in the middle of the path. Hmmm.... to discourage this I pushed some cut raspberry canes around the cracks, those thorns should be dissuasive. Not that I mind, but soon I will dig out some of the compost to use it and I do not want to have a nasty surprise of something rodenty scurrying out over my arms as I stick the form in... eurgh.

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