Friday, February 12, 2010


Big freeze continues

I fear there will be no gardening this weekend, except perhaps indoors. The highest temperature predicted for the whole weekend is 3deg C. SO I am sure that the ground will still be frozen. Perhaps if the sun comes out I might at least be able to spread some manure. But I fear that any more than that will not be possible.
Roll on Spring!
My seeds have been shipped! Goody! now just wait for the postman. I am going to choose my spuds and onions tomorrow. That will be a great and indecisive moment. Although now I am starting to get some favourites. I love the "chicken leg" echalotes but I have found that they tend not to keep very well and the yield is lower. So I might go more for the round varieties this year. Also I liked the Jaune Paille des Vertus onions, slightly flat ones, they give big onions that keep well. Although I always do some ordinary yellows too. As for spuds, well, I think that I will have to stick with the tried and tested varieties, like Belle de Fontenay. The Charlottes weren't too bad last year but I don't find them extraordinary. I want some really tasty ones this time! GIVE ME FLAVOUR!

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