Monday, January 04, 2010


Cold and depressing

After quite a bit of absence, I went down the lottie yesterday, it was quite cold but workable with gloves and scarves galore. I was the only one there! Which was a bit disconcerting actually. But the soil was surprisingly flexible. I have started working it out for spring, yesterday I dug over what will be this year's onion patch, covered it with my lovely cow manure then covered it with cardboard and the tarpaulin. This won't completely eliminate weeds but it makes the job a lot easier on planting day! I also started spreading manure over the to-be potato patch. That will be a bit of a job as it has been idle since the onions came up in July.
My other job yesterday was planting the garlic. OK I am hopelessly late, or perhaps optimistically early, but I had to give it a go. They were lovely big cloves, I hope something comes of them...
The allotments looked mournful, full of cut down cabbages, chickweed and a few leek patches here and there. many things have completely frozen (such as my artichoke!) but no doubt they will pop back up in a few weeks.

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