Friday, November 13, 2009


gosh how neglected this is getting

I could say the same for the veg garden! Well, that's a bit of a lie really, I did get down there last weekend and I chopped down all the raspberry canes, pulled up the pumpkin vines, tried to find the paths again (was mostly successful). I planted some daffodils for spring, I hope i remember where... It does need a big effort putting in, but I am hoping that I will manage it before spring. I must get some garlic and at least plant that as it really needs getting in quickly. Last year it was a good success so hopefully that will repeat itself.
I have hardly anything growing just now, except a few red cabbages, parsnips and some rainbow chard plus some leeks. The garden will get a good rest this winter.

What are the goals for the next season?
Sigh... hopefully the goals will not stay as wishful thinking!

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