Friday, July 10, 2009


beans beans are good for your heart...

Just as well because they are starting to pop up! We ate our first serving of home grown beans yesterday, a mix of yellow Kingswax and green Cobra climbers - beautiful. On the weekend I will immediately dig up the old broad bean patch, fill it with manure and sow some more beans for later in the summer.
I filled 3 boxes with our onions/echalotes/red onions, it's been a great harvest. Now I need to dig over and weed that patch and mulch it with straw and manure, so it doesn't become a jungle.
The courgettes are forming well, not quite big enough to pick, but nearly. The aubergines have come out in beautiful purple flowers, so hopefuly fruit will follow soon. and before the holidays preferably! There are some green tomatoes on the vine, just waiting to soak up some sun. The pumpkins are wnding their way around the compost box (I had better pinch them out soon) and the sweetcorn is about 80cm high. Tassles are just starting to form so I had better shake them everytime I go down there!!
This period is pretty frustrating - everything is almost ready to pick but not quite!

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