Monday, July 20, 2009


Beans again!

Wow, the beans are giving so well! I picked another pound yesterday and they are so delicious! I cooked them up and we had bean salad with tomato and some red onion. yum yum.
I took some pics down the lottie yesterday! And I did some hard work: I dug over the old pea/broad bean patch, planted some new French beans and a last ditch effort at carrots. Yes yes I know what I said but in that area, the soil is especially sandy and light and I am thinking, "maybe, just maybe". sigh well just hoping for the best. I left a bit of room for some more beetroot too, as I do love it and it grows well into the autumn. But yesterday I forgot the seeds :-S oops
Before digging over:

After digging over:

OK this is not a great shot but I wanted to show you Raymond (neighbour's) beautiful blue hydrangeas, hee hee:

Squash, courgettes and pumpkins are doing very well, lots of little fruit all over the place. We are eating a yellow courgette about every second day. And I have pictorial proof that my little eggplant and chillis are growing and fruiting. They are cute, I am hooked. They will be a permanent fixture in the summer garden I would say.

The tomatoes have a lot of fruit but it's green for now. Hurry up and ripen! I can hardly wait to eat the little blighters!
There is still a lot to do... Some more rainbow chard to transplant, winter lettuce to sow, weeds to massacre. Bloody bramble is back among the lemon balm. Bastard. I will have to get out the welding gloves and rip it all out again. Getting ripped topieces in the process, no doubt.
Here's a little pic of the whole lot: I have attacked the weeds a bit since then (bloody grass! drives me mad!). Still it looks lush and summery:

It's all in a day's work for the valiant allotmenteer though ;-)
Back with more pics soon.

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Hi Antipodesgirl

Glad to see that things are going well with your plot. I'm envious of your outdoor egg-plant. I too love them, and although our summers here are getting warmer, they would still be a big gamble outside I reckon. Still, I expect I'll give them a go one day..

Tim (Plot 61a)
Tim, you know it's not that hot here!! Our average summer temperature is not much over 23deg C. And yet the aubergines grow well, many people on the plot grow them outside. I just planted them in May, when there was sure to be no frost. I sowed them from seed so I am rather pleased with myself, and to top it off, the seeds were cheapies from Lidl!! You could always start under plastic, they don't get that big, as you can see, about 60cm.
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