Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Off to a sprint

I am quite pleased with the allotment just now, I hope I can keep up the same regularity over the summer, as it is relatively clean and tidy and regular visits will help keep it that way.
I got a lovely crop of strawberries on the weekend. about a kilo. And there is about the same amount waiting to be picked, I shall pop down in the morning and do that. So I think I will be making more jam and freezing some fruit too.
This morning I went down to water as we have had 2 quite hot sunny days, and as I hoed around a bit, I realised that underneath the ground is actually quite cool and fresh. So everything is thriving.
I will soon have a crop of peas and the second pea sowing is just peeking up its head. The onions are doing well and I have the first flower on the courgettes! I am so pleased as I was very late with them this year but they have gotten off to a good start. The beans are poking through, the only thing that seems to have let me down is the sweetcorn. Which got storm damaged it seems. I wonder if it is too late to re-sow some??
I came away this morning with 3 lovely artichokes, big ones, about the size of a large orange. I am looking forward to those! We all love them.

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