Tuesday, June 16, 2009



For once I have actually managed to grow some lettuce, from scratch! It was delicious too, shame it's bolting now. I have green cut and come again (which I cut so maybe it will come again) and some butterhead, very tasty. Now I know I must sow in situ. I am going to make a seed box next season, like my neighbours, for my lettuces, cabbages etc. This is the big resolution! :-)
I finally planted all the tomatoes. The first ones that were looking a bit pale have now got firm green tops on them and look as if they are putting on a real spurt so I am very pleased.
I have started harvesting the early spuds, and it's a mixed bunch, some plants have lots of spuds, some only two?? SO I will ditch that variety (Anoe) for next year and try something else. Although I can't knock the flavour, they are firm and nutty with fine skins and lovely to cook with.
Most things are doing well, beetroot will need thinning soon, I got some lovely peas on Sunday and we ate the last artichokes which were brilliant. The prize crop this year is the onions, they are big, and starting to ripen, so if I repeat the same method, it will be to manure well at least 2 weeks before planting. keep them well weeded and well watered in April and May. Also they were planted in the old tomato patch, which also had been well fertilized the previous season...must keep that rotation in place too!

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