Tuesday, June 23, 2009


growth spurt

There has been a noticeable growth spurt this week, after quite a bit of rain and now a bright sunny period. The courgettes are coming on splendidly, and flowers are starting to form on most of them. The corn and beans too have really come on, the garden is green all over. I love this summer lushness.
Today I went and tied up some of the feistier looking tomatoes, and plucked off the unnecessary shoots (they are called "gourmands" in French, meaning greedy things, which is quite a good description). They are not all quite as lush as I would like but some are getting flowers and the others are developing stronger vines and good top growth so I will be patient. I was really late with them this year.
The peppers and eggplants/aubergines have amazed me. They got so storm damaged at one point and now they are looking great. I hope they will give some fruit! I mulched all round them with manure this weekend, I am hoping that everytime I water some goodness will get down to them.
I dug up some of the early spuds this weekend, they are delicious. My neighbour kept saying "oh they are sick" because the foliage started dying off but I have come to the conclusion that this is bollocks in fact. the yield is not terrific, about 3 or 4 spuds per plant but, hey that means I get back 4 times what I planted. Not too bad when you think about it like that.

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