Monday, May 11, 2009


woefully neglectful

of both blog and garden... well I did get some things done over my MayDay weekend but not as much as I should have. The tomatoes are STILL in my living room, along with the sweetcorn. Oh well, there is always another day but it's getting a bit late.
I managed to get the squash out though, a lovely bed of courgettes, and sow my yellow beans and some climbing French beans, first go at those. I also planted all the eggplant/aubergines and hot peppers. All the spuds are in and growing nicely, all peeking through and duly earthed up, and the onions and garlic are going great guns. Of course they are always the surprise element: however nice the green tops look you never know what they will turn out to be under the soil!! Still, they have been grown in a well-manured spot this year and we have had a good few downpours so I hope I will get a good crop.
The broad beans and peas are flowering which means a crop soon enough, which will be great, I need a little boost. strawberries are also starting to spring up, I hope I will see red splashes soon, as they are my favourite crop from the lot.
However despite a good few efforts at cleaning up, weeds are invading all the edges again, and the paths. My neighbours offered to spread the word that I need a bit of help clearing them off, but I have heard that before and no one actually comes with a shovel, so I am not really counting on it. Once those bloody tomatoes go in, I shall attack it all with a pickaxe...
And yes we are sorely lacking in pics, but a few days of pouring rain has dampened my enthusiasm. I will try and get some taken later this week.

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