Friday, May 29, 2009


Quick pic

I had one or two pics left unpublished so just a quick message to add them.
This is my "top" patch, you also see the shed, which is a tip inside!! See where we hacked out the grass that was along the alleyways? Looks much better now, if a bit naked.
The artichoke is so big now, but I love it, it has given about a dozen fruit this year, I am dead proud of it. I manured it in winter and removed a lot of old leaves and this is how it has rewarded me.
Behind it you can see a lovely mallow plant, thet grew by itself, would you believe it! It is covered in pretty pink flowers and attracts lots of bees, bumblebees and other insects, just what the doctor ordered. Leaning against the shed wall are the herbs, from left to right: thyme (in flower at the moment), some mint and parsley, a lemonbalm (the big bushy thing), a rosebush that is surrounded by tarragon, a lemon verbena and some newly planted sage (which are hidden by the artichoke). The stakes in the ground are for some climbing beans: you can just see them showing at the bottom left of the photo. They are a variety called Cobra and this is the first year I have tried them. The beans were purple!!
It looks so pastoral, you would never guess that just on the other side of the wood is a whole neighbourhood of flats, shops and schools.
And here are my onions, of which I am very proud this year. No bolting yet and they look terrific, healthy foliage and thick stems, which I hope means lots of big onions for my cooking.

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