Monday, April 20, 2009


getting slack

Recent wet weather and various family commitments stopped me from working in the lottie for the last couple of weeks. Big mistake. The rain has transformed everything into a jungle.
I struggled, I suspect to the amusement of my neighbours, to remove the kale cabbage that was now bigger than me. I ripped out a wheelbarrow load of weeds, mostly dandelions, in a desperate attempt to make it look decent.
I then proceeded to plant the potatoes, a bit later than usual but the new potatoes are already a few centimetres high! I planted about 50 or 60 plants, I was knackered.
I must hurry and do a carrot and parsnip bed, and plant out some lettuce which are growing. I will have to start the broccoli and sprouts at home, they have been eaten by bloody snails.
At home the tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and sweetcorn are doing well. A big plant out in May is on the cards.
I was rewarded with my first crop of rhubarb, and some lovely chives and self-seeded corander that is popping up here and there. The garlic and onions are going great guns so now I just have to...dig!

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