Monday, March 02, 2009


The tough dig begins

Yep, it is a sure sign of spring when you start planting the spuds. Despite Raymond my nice neighbour tutting and muttering about frost, 2 rows of earlies "Anoe" variety went in on Saturday morning, along with a row of early peas, some carrots (Nantaise2), radishes and beetroots. It was a glorious day, I worked up quite a sweat, digging up the ground. I am hoping that the warm sun will help give the seeds a boost.
The rest of the spuds are quietly chitting. The seedlings are being very quiet, perhaps it is still a bit chilly for them, even on the window sill?
Down at the lottie there is heaps to be done though, a lot of edging needs redoing, I think some of my plot is attempting to join that of my neighbour. The old cabbages needs pulling out, the ground needs digging over, manured and covered for the summer tenders and I would really like to cover around the fruit bushes with thick cardboard and cover that with manure, to slowly feed them all summer that way and have a good mulch too, because they are badly overgrown with grass but digging it out means 1) I get ripped to pieces and 2) possibly damaging the shallow roots of the raspberry canes. So I would like to attack the weeds differently.
So much to do, but the longer days have started and the sun is warmer day by day, which cheers the heart and makes digging seem like more of a pleasure and less of a chore.

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