Tuesday, February 10, 2009



As it is still a bit too cold here to do much, I went to the garden centre (hey I gotta keep focussed somehow). They had the new onions and potatoes out....oohhhhh irresistible.
I came away with:
500g of round echalotes
250g of Jermor echalotes (there are already a few in the ground, see what the best method is for those)
250 jeune paille des vertus onions
500g of some other yellow onions
500g of red onions (yum, I love those)
1.5 kgs of Charlottes (mid seasons)
1.5 kgs of Fontane, a late cropper, apparently gives a good yield.
2kgs of Anoe, a new variety of earlies that is said to gave heavy crops with excellent flavour and a better storer than the Belle de Fontenay... we'll give it a try.
I also got another box of some green beans as I don't quite have as many as I would like.
So now I feel more motivated to start the spring gardening works, now that I have forked out near 40 euros on tubers! The crop had better be good!
unfortunately I forgot while I was there to get myself a new pair of secateurs so I will have to go to the hypermarket this week and get some because I really want to do the fruit section this weekend, trim the raspberries and strawberries, weed it all and mulch and manure it. I now have quite a big fruit section and hopefully the other berries like the redcurrants will give a little this year too.
I also received my package from Alan Romans seeds! I did quite well for myself I thought: I ordered:
more of those lovely Parador courgettes (and extras so I can make some for my neighbours)
some Green Sprouting calabrese broccoli,
some Bruseel Sprouts (Montgomery variety)
Boltardy beets,
Healthmaster carrots
some green beans whose name I have forgotten (oh wait, Cobra),
Totem and Tigerella tomatoes,
Swift sweetcorn
pimento hot peppers
White Gem parsnips
All that for 13 quid. I thought it was an excellent bargain. Now I just have to grow the bloody things.

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