Monday, February 16, 2009


Seeds galore

I should know better now than to buy seeds without looking to see if I still have some. I hope peas work this year because I now have no less than 4 packets! But some come from Lidl, bought for a song, so it's no great loss.
I found I had bought double of courgettes, and that I still had left tons of lettuce (buggered if I can get it to grow! I will have a last ditch attempt), leeks, Florence fennel (which no one wants to eat at my place except me and there is a limit to how much you want, really. Smallest One says, "Oh plant that again" I said "But you don't eat that?" she retorts, "No but it's great fun to pull it up...")
I am tortured by past failures: should I attempt again to grow the melons and sweet peppers? Or write them off as a bad joke? ooh but I do have seeds left.... quandary...
I noticed that many have February as the sowing month so I had better get a move on, especially for the chili peppers and aubergines. I do keep saying I will make a seed hotbox with a old showerscreen I picked up but so far I haven't got that organised...

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