Thursday, September 18, 2008


Raspberry galore

The raspberries are in full swing. Curious, they are much later than last year. I already had two bags frozen, think there will be a chance to freeze some more before the end of the month, so autumn will be full of summer pudding, charlottes and rasperry and apple crumble.
Last night I brought home courgettes, and the only broccoli we will have! It was delicious but only enough for one meal, after planting about 10 broccoli plants :-( Must find a better variety for next year.
The garden is pretty much a disaster area but i will clean it up this weekend a bit, start to turn it all over for winter.
The pumpkins are almost all ready, the last beans are starting to fruit and the winter cabbages are having a growth spurt.
Pics soon! It's time to log what worked, what didn't and show the state of the place before winter comes.

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