Monday, September 29, 2008


Harvest and booze

Forgot to mention that I did harvest some things over the weekend:
Lots of fresh herbs - chives, coriander (self seeded) and parsley
A few celery branches to give flavour to stews etc - still not big enough to really harvest the heads)
A few handfuls of yellow beans
some beetroot
the first red cabbage! A small one but there are quite a few so I can start now.
4 courgettes
and my two splendid pumpkins that have cured nicely in this week's sun.

Also (the booze part), I prepared the blackberry vodka: I strained it out, and crushed the berries to get out all the juices then added sugar syrup and a few spoonfuls of port to give it flavour. Now it will sit in the cupboard for a couple of weeks to mature. Needless to say I tasted it, it was sweet fruity and has quite a kick :-)

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