Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Blackberry liqueur and grape jelly

Almost forgot- as I went blackberry picking during the holidays, I made the inevitable jam and also decided to trymaking blackberry liqueur.
I took a big empty passata jar and filled it two thirds with ripe blackberries. Then filled up the jar with supermarket brand vodka.
At the end of the month I will need to strain it and add half a cup of sugar syrup. Another month to mature and it should be good to drink :-D

While we blackberried, the kids made a good find - wild grapes. We pick our berries in a grape growing area and many grapevines run wild. They picked a dish full of wild grapes, too sour to eat raw but I heard from Bob Flowerdew thatgrapes make great jelly, so I cooked them up, strained the juice out, mashing the grapes with a saucer; there was about a pound of juice, put in a pound of sugar and boiled it up. It did indeed make terrific jelly, just one great big jar of it (I am running out of jam jars), so maybe next year I will get another chance at that one!

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