Thursday, July 17, 2008


Onions, garlic, shallots

Well that is it for the alliums this year. I just spent two evenings plaiting my garlic and cleaning and stringing up or netting all my onions and echalotes (OK slight exaggeration, I was also making 15 pots of apricot jam at the same time). There looked like a reasonable amount but when I weighed them, what a letdown!
Echalotes: 1.5 kg (the best of the lot, Jermor cuisse de poulet variety, but maybe I will do 2 varieties next year)
Brown onions: 1.7 kg - well not terrific but they are better than last year's! More bigger ones and the average size is bigger. A few hardly swelled at all past their "set" stage though.
Red onions: about 1.2 kg although I have already used quite a few. Most bolted.

I can't remember how many I planted though - I believe it was 250g of each. So maybe in terms of yield that is not too bad.
Next year, different plan of attack:

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