Monday, July 07, 2008


Get it out, put it back in

That kind of summed up Saturday's efforts. It was a mixed batch between picking and planting!
For the picking, I came home with:
Which gave me a nice little box a bit like this:Now to get onto the hard yakka bit again.
3 sisters plot:
A friend of mine who has a lovely tidy veggie patch showed me around his plot on Saturday, his carrots made me envious. He very kindly gave me some young plants, he had loads, a bit too many it turned out: batavia lettuces, some green cabbage (kale) and rather daringly, some Purple Sprouting Broccoli, my first attempt at growing that. He gave me so many, I hope I can give some to my neighbour who has been very kind to me. They tend not to grow that here so I will start a trend.
So lots of things to plant this week! Broccoli, winter cabbage, celeriac, some late spinach to sow (I will try it again, no luck last year but I think the conditions didn't suit it), lettuces (and of course not forgetting the leeks). But I think that once that is done I will have set up the plot for the autumn and winter harvest and I can concentrate on picking and keeping the plot tidy. It is looking very full now, the 3 sisters patch makes it look especially luxuriant. I will try to take soem pics this week for your viewing pleasure.

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Wow - what a lot you have - would love to see the 3 sisters plot.
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