Wednesday, July 09, 2008



Yes yes crazy I know, I popped down after work last night and dug around till 8 pm :-)
I had some young plants that needed going out, so I got stuck in but ended up weeding out the rest of the bed where I put them. Typical - I think it is getting couch grass in it - funny thing is I never had that last year??? Oh well, I just dug it out.
I managed to squeeze in 8 new lettuces (green Batavia) around the existing lettuces and next to the newly sowed carrots (a very close look showed me a few carrot seedlings poking up in between the radishes - I sowed them together so I could see where the carrots were). Then next to those and rhubarb chard, I put in 12 celeriacs. The bed is looking nice and full now!
After that I dug over the bed where the red onions were - I pulled out most of them, dunno how long they will keep because 70% bolted - and in their place went Purple sprouting broccoli and green kale cabbage. So plenty of greens for over the winter!!
The tomatoes are getting carried away - the cherry tomatoes have loads of small green fruit, in the next week or two I reckon we will eat some of those! And the others are not far behind, some have good sized green fruit already. I trimmed a few of them but I know now that I didn't prune them like I should and planted too close together. Oh well, I will know for next year!
The melons that worried me are in fact getting lots of new growth and even a few flowers so perhaps I will get a few melons after all. There are at least two pumpkins on the vines too and the first Coco beans (shelling beans) are starting to fruit.
Came home with 4 new courgettes and a big handful of spuds found on a "volunteer" in the onion bed!

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