Friday, June 13, 2008


Saving seed

Popped down this morning to cut a lettuce for myself.
I noticed that a stray onion that grow near the spuds is blooming. I might try and save its seed, see what happens. I also left on a couple of the red onion flowers to try with them too.
There is a scarole lettuce bolting too, I might try gathering seed from that.
One of the pumpkins I planted this year was from saved seed. I recently read that this is a bad idea. So I might end up with some weird cross pollinated pumpkins :-( oh well, can only wait and see now.
I had thought of saving some of my broad beans but apparently they cross pollinate really easily and my neighbour grows broad beans so I guess they will be getting chucked out this weekend. Looks like a good place to grow my broccoli that is itching to go in the ground....

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The ground is so dry now isn't it....even up here in the north of england where usually we are swimming in rain!
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