Monday, June 16, 2008


Peas in a pod

The first harvest of home grown peas! even more delicious than I could have imagined.
Also more infested with thistles than I had imagined... I hope the neighbours didn't hear the language as I was picking.

In more news:
Rhubarb picked, enough to make a nice apple-rhubarb crumble
a big punnet of strawberries picked
onions weeded (more thistles, bugger bugger)
bindweed is steadily getting into all corners of the lot again and some of it (horror of horrors) has bloody flowers!!! They have been ripped off pronto but they struck fear into my heart.

A good weeding is needed all round but I expect I will get around to it at some time soon. I would also like to sow more carrots, peas and start the bean sowings in earnest ASAP.

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Hi antipodesgirl

Big thanks for linking Plot 61a to your blog! I've just returned the favour and added yours to my new list.

Your blog is brill, btw - I'm sure to be popping by often!

Best Regards,
well thanks Tim! I think that your plot is just soooooo gorgeous, I am dead jealous because mine is a jungle right now.
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