Monday, June 09, 2008

Hmm sorry to have been a bit quiet on the blog lately, I have been a bit run off my feet and had little time for gardening too!
Still on the weekend we had two goes which weren't too bad, considering the jungle like conditions. The bind weed is really bad this year. On Saturday morning we picked about 3 kilos of strawberries, which went into numerous strawberries for dessert, a strawberry charlotte for friends and 3 pots of strawberry jam. We also picked a lovely dead bird, yuk, a starling I think, it had managed to strangle itself on the netting, poor sod. Luckily it stayed outside the strawberry bushes or that would have been gross. We buried it under the pumpkins (free fertiliser).
Saturday was also picking day, I tried some of the early spuds but I think they need more time, I got about 5 spuds off a plant. So I will leave the others another couple of weeks.
BAd news - the red onions ar ebolting. Sod it, I really wanted those. I have pulled off the flower stems but I feel it may have buggered up the harvest of those. The onions and echalotes are looking OK though. The garlic is dying back, the moment of truth approaches...
Tomato update: there are lots of flowers on them, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will convert into lots of fruit. I tied up the bigger ones.
I sem also to have had lots of success with peas (many ripening now) and the 3 Sisters bed is doing wonderfully.
We brought some lovely thyme for drying, a pretty mixed flower bouquet and some lemon balm to go with it. And the first lettuce from the garden that was small but tasty.

Sunday - more hard work, I finally planted the 9 melon plants. I was fed up with digging so I put them in a lasagna bed. It indluded a lot of home made compost, very rich and full smelling. I am starting to be a wee bit short on space, I still have to put in next week the broccoli and red cabbages and sprouts, that I have reared from seed, and make a bed for the leeks that are doing splendidly in my buckets on the window sill. They can go out this month too.
I tidied up another length of the border, it is now a little more socially acceptable but I need a massive weeding session still. I should hoe and get some mulch down, I might steal a few bags of stable waste from the racetrack. Also will be time to constitute a manure pile for the winter, I will have to start making trips to the pony club methinks.
All in all I am pleased with the progress, even though it is all a bit messy.

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