Wednesday, June 11, 2008


half an hour allotment

Ok it was more like 45 minutes.
A quick trip with the kids, on a very hot day here, we watered the melons and tomatoes (which are growing like triffids - I noticed the neighbors had put some Bordeaux mixture on theirs, I wonder if I should do the same?), weeded the alliums which badly needed it, and I transplanted some of the beetroot to stop them overcrowding. I replanted about 12 of them so I think I will get a good beet crop. I had thought that my rhubarb chard had died but in fact I found it among the weeds (I hoed around it then) and gave it a water. Might get 3 or 4 plants, probably plenty!
I dug up a garlic to see. Now it is a bit small but it has formed cloves, but it seems too tender inside yet, no papery skins so maybe it has not matured enough. The cloves were however nice and white and healthy with a beautiful fragrance. So maybe garlic is not impossible to grow on our lot, it just doesn't get monster sized...
The peas will be ready for a picking session this weekend I would say, there are lots forming - yum yum our first meal of garden peas (except we all prefer them raw ;-)

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