Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yesterday I finally got to visit the allotment for the first time in three weeks. Let's say that it was a bit of a shock.
Alright it was a jungle.
A complete and utter jungle.
I kept waiting for some prat to jump out from behind the 5 foot high fennel and yell "Dr Livingstone I presume".
I subsequently spent too much time down there and we had to eat pasta for tea.
Well let's try and make a status report:
So I did as much tidying up as I could but I need to attack some parts with the mattock and shovel, and get the melons planted. We are AGAIN going away this weekend but I hope to do that early Saturday morning.
Promising. I took home:

I didn't have time for piccies, but took some of the jam making (see above).

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