Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Had a quick session down the lottie yesterday, while waiting for Smallest one to finish music class. I made a last ditch effort to sow some peas, if it doesn't work this time, bugger it, I think it will be the last time I try growing them.
I do have some carrot seedlings struggling along, but they are very small, I don't know if that is normal or not... anyway I sowed another row of them just to be on the safe side. Also another row of beetroot, which I haven't had much success with so far.
There is still so much to be done, the bed for the French beans is a jungle, but I don't know if I will get it done this weekend, as priority has to be to get those tomatoes out. If I don't manage it, I will cover it with cardboard and the tarp until the weekend after that. At least that will start to kill the weeds, or at least make them less visible.
Some of the beds are looking OK, the spuds are coming along nicely, they will need earthing up again. I weeded the first onion bed, just need to do the second one. I find that to be a really awkward job, mostly by hand, it is quite time consuming. The garlic is tall and strong stemmed, I am a bit worried as one of my neighbours claims you "can't grow garlic on this site". But I might get lucky because I overwintered it, which no one else seems to do here, and it is local stock, I bought it from the farmer's market from my lovely Vietnamese market gardeners who grow it on their site. It was terrific, great big bulbs, so I can't see why it would fail?
I will have more broad beans soon, they are swelling on the plants.

I need to rip out all the salad greens though - they have been there all winter, stunted and now they are taking off but they are tough and bitter, completely inedible. So out they will go, and I think I might replace them with either more carrots (carrots forever!!) or maybe something nice like celeriac, if I can get some plug plants.
Gosh, so much work still left to do down there! The paths still have to be cleaned too, so the pickaxe and shovel are going to get some wear and tear!!

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