Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well I thought I would give a quick seedling update. Everything is going great guns, especially the tomatoes, which is really terrific. I can see a magnificent tomato area shaping up this summer!!
The sweetcorn has just raised its first shoots, good news and finally the courgettes, melons and pumpkins are coming through, Of course they tend to grow about 5 or 10 cm a day!! which is a bit tricky...I am not quite sure yet how to deal with that one.
And all the other things that I am growing in pots for the first time seem to be doing very well: red cabbage, rainbow chard, flowers. The only thing that is slow is the brussel sprouts. Oh well, if they don't work out, I will get plug plants, I don't mind doing that when there are only a few items liek sprouts.
I will try and get some pics of all the little seedlings, they look so cute and tidy! quite unlike the plot which is probably in quite a state afetr about a week's solid rain. I do hope I don't get any rot problems with the onions???

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