Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh gosh, our friend "windy" from the A4A site has given me a terrific link!
Lasagna gardening
The basic idea is to cover the ground in a mix of rich organic material, presumably eliminating all the perennial weeds through suffocation, then planting very covering plants such as squash.
I think this is a fabulous idea! In fact I want to try it right away! OK maybe that is a bit optimistic. Because I am not sure where I would get all the material from! I guess I have access to plenty of horse manure, and maybe some friends could give me grass cuttings.
But I am wondering if I shouldn't try an experimental area with it, let's say for the beans or the courgettes? I am sure that would leave my site neighbours scratching their heads!!
I just love the descriptions on the site.


I plan to do something like that with my pumpkins. I've seen something similar to it on another website. It's a great way to kill weeds and recycle cardboard.
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