Friday, April 11, 2008

My God, the things we do for our baby plants!
I felt as nervous as Christiaan Barnard last night, I decided to transplant my seedlings into little pots so armed with loads of plastic pots and a bag of potting mix, I put some paper on the kitchen table and got to it. It took me over two hours!!! It was like bloody open heart surgery! And there were a few deaths along the way...
I managed to transplant....wait for it...
15 Marmande big fleshy tomato plants
about 8 Gartenperle cherry tomatoes (I think one or two might get given away of those)
about 8 Harzfeuer small round tomato plants
3 sweet peppers (I fear I might end up buying plants for those, I can't seem to get them to germinate properly)
about 15 other tomato seedlings of indeterminate type (I think they are Marmandes, I forgot to label them :-S anyway they are doing quite poorly compared to the others which are very vigorous, so I tried changing them around in a new pot with fresh potting mix.
about 12 small orange French Marigolds, to plant with the tomatoes,
and about 60 leeks. That was very tricky, I experimented with a way of thinning them, don't know if it will work. I lay the pot on its side, and put down a layer of soil then lay down the seedlings, then another layer of soil, them more seedlings. It isn't perfect but I couldn't see how to transplant them otherwise...
There is still a pot of about 40 leeks to do!!! Arrrgh!
I also started off 3 Jap pumpkins, just because I had soil in the pots.
I still need to do some more next week, I will start off the pumpkins, courgettes and melons and the sweetcorn, some basil (can't get that going outside) and sow some Sweet William flowers in modules.
Still for now I am quite pleased with how it is progressing even if I now have pot plants all over the bloody house!!
Oh and I caved in at Lidl yesterday and bought another packet of yellow dwarf beans, I love them, and a small blackcurrant plant! for 5 euros it seemed a bargain. It can go in next to the strawberries. Dunno if it will fruit this year, well I guess you only add blackcurrant to other dishes anyway, they are a bit acidic to eat by themselves. Wonder if I could get enough to make some liqueur??? yum yum

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